Twinkle-Toes, Tiaras and Tantrums
The Accessories, Hair and Make-up

If the wedding dress is the wardrobe star of the day, then your hair, make-up and accessories will be it's supporting cast. It's a great opportunity of completing your transformation into a princess for the day, but we can do it on our budget – I promise!

Accessories and Shoes;

  • Are there any 'family jewels' that you can wear? Whether it is your Grandmother's set of pearls, a diamond pendant of your Mom's or even your Dad/Grandfather's war medals – a touch of family history is both elegant and a thoughtful gesture to those who raised you.
  • Would you consider borrowing an item or set of jewelery from a friend? Most people would be honored to be the owner of the 'Something borrowed' for your big day.
  • Scour discount jewelery outlets. This is one occasion where a bit of tasteful 'bling' – real or not – can help you shine. There are some beautiful and classy cubic zirconia sets that can complete your wedding outfit at amazing low prices. Check out for great sets at incredibly low prices. Always remember with 'bling' though - less really is more!

A simple necklace, ornate earrings and a short fascinator veil for timeless elegance

  • Don’t buy shoes from a bridal salon or specialist wedding store. I did some quick shopping today and found a $45 price difference on the same pair of shoes in a regular store compared to a bridal salon.
  • Always choose a simpler pair over a more decorated style. If you are wearing a long dress, no one will even see your shoes, and each bead or piece of embroidery is a wasted expense.
  • Once again, consider for buying your shoes. Keep in mind that you won’t have the opportunity to try your shoes on before you buy, meaning you run the risk of buying the wrong size.
  • Consider buying the same style shoes as your bridesmaids. Many sellers will give you a good group discount or even a free pair with a large order.
  • Remember that the very highest priority in choosing your shoes is your comfort. There’s no point having fabulous looking 3-inch heels if your feet are so blistered and sore that you end up bare-foot before the reception.
  • Look for seasonal shoe sales. A 50% saving on shoes will leave a lot more in your wedding budget.
  • Wear satin ballerina slippers. They are classic and elegant and undeniably comfortable. Even better, they are incredibly affordable. Try dance stores or suppliers like Capezio or Bloch for available styles.
  • Shop for your shoes later in the afternoon or at the end of a shopping trip when your feet are naturally slightly swollen. Our feet fluctuate in size throughout the day and what might fit well first thing in the morning might pinch or rub badly later in the day. Remember that brides are often on their feet for more than 8 hours on their wedding day.


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