• Arrange fat candles of different heights on a plate surrounded by pebbles. Make sure the candles are frozen first so they burn more slowly. Candles, decorative plates and glass pebbles or decorators river pebbles can all be found at dollar stores for next to nothing.
  • Set in the center of each table a group of similarly framed photos of you and your fiance together, as children, with family and friends. Bethany found that her guests enjoyed looking at and discussing the photos far more than they would have admired a $100 floral centerpiece.
  • A large bowl filled with water set with floating candles and flower petals is an eye catching, romantic and inexpensive idea.
  • Neatly arranged wedding favors can make a great centerpiece! Why not get double duty out of your gifts to the guests? Lola had bought silver candle-sticks as her favors and used them not only as a table centerpiece but also as place-holders. A sweet tag on each with the guests name and a note from her and the groom and the personal touch gave it a beautiful simple elegance.
  • Choose creative centerpieces rather than floral arrangements. For a holiday wedding, you can set out a pretty bowl or tray filled with ornaments in your wedding colors. For a beach theme, fill a glass fishbowl half-way with sand and top with pretty shells and a starfish.

A Token of Our Appreciation
Favors and Thank You Gifts

If the budget has been stretched far too tightly already, instead of giving a 'gift' write each guest a personalized note on nice paper to thank them for coming to your wedding and how much it means to you both. A favor for your guest is not actually a requirement, it is about reaching out and thanking your guests for being a part of your big day.
If there is still a little room in the budget for guests, think creatively. With all of the favor options available these days it is easy to find options that are uncomfortably expensive for guests to items that look and feel cheap and end up in the trash very quickly. Choosing an appropriate favor at the right price is possible – it just takes a little thinking.

  • Play to your strengths. If you have a hobby or skill – use it! Denise had been pricing favors for $7-10 each (for 100 guests!) when her fiance reminded her that she made really great beaded items. Instead, Denise made each guest a unique beaded key chain in a small gift bag. It cost her $30 for all of the materials and she made two each night while watching television! Guests were thrilled to receive something unique and made by their host as well. If you don't feel that you have any skills, think about people in your family or your soon to be in-laws. If you can buy your favors from a relative you can probably save much more than buying from a store.
  • Homemade chocolate candy packed in little gift boxes are a cute gift. It's common to be able to make the chocolates and buy all the boxes you need for less than $40
  • If making chocolates doesn't sound like your thing, how about buying the small packages of high-end chocolates like Godiva or similar? It's a little more expensive than making your own, but its a particularly classy favor to give. Try calling the wholesalers to see if you can get a better price by buying a case of the little boxes?
  • A small photo frame is a nice gift. You can also insert the guests name into the frame and have them do double duty as place holders. Department stores will often consider bulk discounts for buying large numbers of one item. It pays to ask!
  • Candles are also a common and lovely choice. Great looking and great scented candles are available in all price ranges and store managers are often open to accepting a discount for bulk orders.

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