Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?
Where to Hold a Wedding

The place in which you get married will be a memory you hold forever – so this is something that you should put some serious thought into. It might be easy – if you have a regular church that you attend or a place that is particularly special to you and your partner (the beach etc) then it makes sense to formalize your union there.

If nothing jumps right out of you as an obvious choice, it's time to get thinking! A good rule of thumb is not avoid being married in places that don't reflect your beliefs, regardless of how pretty they are! For example, Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox churches are particularly impressive for weddings. Think marble floors, red velvet and gold everywhere. But unless you plan a religious conversion for yourself and your partner, it's not a good idea to pretend to be of that faith in case they find it offensive. If you have never been a regular church goer but love the idea of being married in a church, look for religions that are more open to such things. A quick Internet search should be able to point you in the right direction.

If a church wedding isn't quite what you are looking for, focus more on a special location or memorable setting and backdrop. Is there a local park or garden available? A beach wedding is among the romantic settings in existence, as is a wedding by the lakes or at scenic lookouts with stunning scenery behind.

There are many companies that offer wedding packages including a ceremony location. I'm not a huge fan of them due to 'generic' nature of a one-stop shop wedding center. If the location does appeal – check out the deal very thoroughly. Quite often you are paying for things that you otherwise wouldn't have considered and small fees for just about everything! Many of these places are making their money in these 'extras' and are therefore unlikely to cut many of these things – but it always worth questioning.

You will find that the location that you choose has a vast impact on the cost of your wedding – but not the appeal. By choosing to be married in a grand church, not only is the fee for using the location going to be higher, but you, your partner and your attendants will need to dress accordingly. That means a full formal wedding dress, long dresses for bridesmaids and a full suit for all men. In contrast, choosing a more natural setting such as a garden will cost you less. Not only will the fees for the location be reduced but as the rigid formality of the ceremony is diminished, you are granted more freedom to wear what you'd like.

If you do choose an outdoor ceremony, make sure you check with the local authorities for any rules that you will need to abide by. Some will make you apply for special permission to be granted, especially if you will be having a band or drinking alcohol at the site. Also keep in mind that if you are going to need to hire chairs this will be an added expense. Budget for this when making decisions based on costs.

My top ten hints for ceremony locations are;

  • Consider a winery or vineyard for an intimate ceremony. Many of these places are gorgeously located and allow the use of their facilities for much less than other wedding centers.
  • A wedding in your home, or the home of a friend or family member can be equally as enticing and more meaningful that a mass-produced wedding chapel. Ask your parents or siblings if anyone you know has a great home or garden that they would consider allowing you to use for the day. Think bigger than just homes too – does anyone have a yacht or holiday home that's free?
  • Have your dream princess wedding at a real mansion. Speak with your local historical society or get Internet searching! No doubt you'll find a variety of homes and gardens open to use as a setting for your wedding day. Either hold the ceremony indoors in a grand ballroom or sweeping staircase or make use of the gardens and gazebos.
  • While you are speaking with the historical society, ask about other ideas that they may have. They have the knowledge and passion about your area and may just be able to direct you to a location that you adore.
  • Some other economical settings to rent for your ceremony – art gallery, social or country club, museum, aquarium or community center.
  • Decide on your location before placing any deposits for other things. You will need to know the rules and regulations of your ceremony location before choosing what music is allowed, are photos allowed etc etc. Losing deposits is a quick way to go over your budget!
  • Always make sure that your ceremony location offers all of the necessary facilities. Things like bathrooms, electricity if required, sufficient parking space, access for wheelchairs etc.
  • Make sure you are allowed enough time in your wedding location – get this agreed in writing before booking. Many a bride has been rushed out of her wedding ceremony so that the next wedding could start on time!
  • Make sure that your location is suitable for the number of guests that you have. A chapel that is too large will make your wedding look barely attended while a setting that is too small will have guests grumbling about being too hot or stuffy. Choosing an appropriate sized location will also be a saving to the budget as well!


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