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The Wedding Flowers

I admit it. Flowers were the absolute downfall of my otherwise carefully budgeted wedding. Somehow I let my dreams of carpets and garlands and poseys and scattered petals take over and before I knew it, I was signed up to a florists contract that still makes me shudder! It was beautiful without a doubt but ... if I'd known then what I know now I could have saved myself quite a few hundred dollars. How?

  • Do as much of your own floristry as you can yourself. Gina was quoted by her florist $30 per arrangement for 6 long stemmed tulips and to tie the stems together with satin ribbon. She went to the local flower market and was able to buy enough of the same tulips and ribbon to do all four of these arrangements for $26.70 – total.
  • Have live plants as decorations. Flowering plants in pots look great as an aisle or on tables rather than expensive table centerpieces that get thrown away. A living flowering plant can be bought for $4-5 dollars, cover the pots with a circle of white of patterned fabric and tied with a bow. These also make great gifts for the special people attending like grandmother's and god-parents who might not get any other special recognition on the day.
  • Check with the reception and ceremony locations about what decorations will already be in the venues or what can be borrowed from the facility for no extra cost. Jenny found that her reception venue had a collection of 15 crystal table candelabras. She used them as table centerpieces and saved the $300 from her floristry budget that she had allocated on $20 flower arrangements.
  • Another reason for checking is that locations often have rules about what is allowed. It'd be a huge waste to find out that the church doesn't allow pew decorations after you'd spent $100 on them!
  • See if there is going to be another wedding in the same location as your on the same day. If so, it might be worth contacting the bride. If you are planning similar decorations it might work out that you can share the cost of them and use them for both weddings.
  • Avoid florists connected to hotels, malls, bridal salons and even caterers. While convenient, their prices are always elevated to cover the increased costs in their rent, larger staff numbers and advertising. Comparison shop them if you'd like, but I guarantee you'll find better prices in smaller establishments or away from the center of town.
  • Research on the Internet for what flowers are in season at the time of your wedding. A florist will almost always be able to get any flower for you, but the price can double during their 'off season'. Just by choosing flowers in the right season, Anna saved 50% on her bridal bouquet. It was only after changing to this bouquet the florist told her that more than half of her original bouquet would have had to be flown in, hence the enormous price.
  • Use natural greenery generously. It's incredibly popular right now (just check out the bridal magazines) to create a romantic natural look. It highlights the blooms in the bouquet and creates a much fuller looking bunch than flowers alone.
  • Corsages to be worn by mothers and grandmothers etc should be kept quite small. Not only is it a saving financially, it is a much more stylish accessory than a large gaudy corsage. Check the price difference between wrist and pin corsages as well.
  • If pew decorations are allowed, opt for ribbon bows rather than flowers. Not only can you buy the ribbon and tie them yourselves, but many of your guests will be people with allergies and pew decorations are a common cause of annoying sneezing during quiet ceremonies.
  • Make sure your florist includes free delivery. At the mark-ups they are making on flowers – they can afford it!
  • Silk flowers – if you are even remotely crafty this is a fantastic tip. Silk flowers can be bought inexpensively from warehouses all over the country (check your local phone directory to find one near you) and look amazing. Even better, when other bride's $400 bouquets are wilting in the heat, yours will be looking perfect – forever! A quick Internet search will bring up hundred of sites with explanation on how to arrange them or there are books available from the local library that do the same. Happy arranging!


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