Rings to rule them All
The Wedding Rings

While the other facets of your wedding will be memories you hold forever, it is the wedding rings that will be your most tangible reminder of the day. For this reason it is unwise to take too many short-cuts with the quality of the rings, but there are still a few ways that you can get what you want for less.

As I said with wedding dresses, weddings rings are an area in which you need to try, try, try before you buy. Bookmark pages in magazines of rings that you like, window shop with your partner to see what they would like and take an honest friend with you. Like all sales assistants that get paid on a commission of sales, they can be particularly smooth at parting you with your cash before you've had a chance to do the research and be sure this is the ring you want to wear for the rest of your life!

Tips for getting a Quality Wedding Ring;

  • Before you shop, researching online and taking notes will save you being mislead or deliberately lied to. Know the hallmarks that metals should be stamped with. If it doesn't have stamps or the stamping looks dodgy, steer clear.
  • Research goes doubly if you are intending on having diamonds or other gems set into your wedding ring. Unlike metals which need to be clearly stamped, it is much easier to pass off a poor quality (or even fake) stone. Know the questions to ask the jewelers (cut, clarity, carats and diamond grading etc) and ask to see certificates if you are buying an especially expensive stone.
  • Take a list of the questions you found when researching with you when you go shopping. Ask them all and watch the attendants as they answer. A good jeweler salesperson should understand all of your questions and why you are asking them. Be wary of a sales attendant who tries to distract you from asking questions or doesn't answer them clearly.

Tips for saving money on that Quality Wedding Ring!

  • Ring and Jewelry stores in the mall may have good prices during a sale but in general their prices are inflated to cover the expensive overheads of their top-notch location. Keep this in mind when comparison shopping.
  • Always ask about ring sizing and engraving. Sometimes these costs are included and sometimes they are a costly extra. Be smart about it though. An expensive store with free sizing and engraving may not be a saving over an inexpensive store with an extra charge for the services.
  • Consider buying an antique wedding ring. Not only will it be different to all of the other modern rings around today but extremely high quality rings can be found for amazingly good prices. All the same questions must be asked when buying an antique ring though. Only ever buy antiques from reputable and established dealers
  • If you have an ornate engagement ring, think about having a much simpler wedding band to complement rather than compete with it. I have an engagement ring with three large diamond and chose my wedding band to have three tiny diamond set into a curve to 'hug' my engagement ring as a set.
  • Have the stones from an heirloom ring set into a new band. It gives Grandma's diamonds a new lease on life and is still something new and unique for you.
  • Consider your partner's job when choosing his wedding band. If he works in a role where he won't be able to wear his wedding ring for safety, do you really need to be spending a large amount on a ring that will only be worn for special occasions. My father's wedding band still looks brand new after 29 years of marriage as it has only ever been worn on weekends, holidays and special outings!
  • Avoid a payment plan whenever possible. Interest will accrue rapidly and any saving you had negotiated on your rings will be lost – and then some! You are far better off to only look at rings you can afford to purchase with your savings.

Beautiful classic his and hers wedding bands!


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