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I've already told you that you are not your wedding. You are also not your wedding gown. By that I mean that you are not worth less, or are any less special if your wedding gown isn't worth more than most peoples cars! We so easily get sucked into the hype of the celebrities who have worn outrageously expensive designer gowns on their wedding day. Try to remember that most of those celebrities were given their gowns by the designer as a trade-off for the huge amount of free publicity given to them by the celebrity wearing it. Do you think that the super-stars feel any less special on their big day because they got a free dress? Heck no! And as long as your dress makes you feel pretty and look good – that’s all that matters. You're going to be surprised at how many hints and tips we have for finding dream gowns on a realistic budget. But first, some quick tips on your wedding dress in general.

  1. Start looking and researching straight away. Brides that shop while feeling rushed often pay hundreds of dollars more than they should have.

  2. Know what suits you. Before even considering buying a dress, try a few on. Don't be tempted to take your family along. Lots of wedding stores encourage you to bring along an entourage of family and girlfriends to try on wedding dresses. Yes, this can be a wonderful family moment, but the real reason they encourage this is that it increases the hype and pressure to impulse-buy a gown. If you have fifteen of your loved ones cooing at you that you look amazing, it's too easy to hand over your credit card or savings without really looking to make sure that you love the dress. Take one or two honest friends with you and word them up that you are not buying a dress today. You just want to see what looks good. Try on as many different shaped and styled dresses as you can find – full and puffy or sleek and slinky, train or no train, try different necklines and different colors. Don't worry about the decorations on the dress as much as it's shape and style. Remember, today you aren't shopping for a dress, you are shopping for a dress style. You may be surprised at what suits you and what feels good.
  3. Dress appropriately for your wedding. there's no point spending $5000 on a traditional full-skirted gown with a train if you are going to have to hitch it up around your thighs to walk down the sandy aisle at your beach wedding – a more slimline shape without a train would be much better suited to the task. Alternatively, there are more than a few church ministers who would prefer you didn't wear a revealing or overtly sexy dress for a traditional church wedding – something a little more classic would be called for in this situation.

Now, for my top Wedding Dress Savings Tips – Grab a pen and mark the one that could be saving your hard-earned dollars!

  • Never just accept the tag price at a Bridal store. If you heart is set on that dress, ask them to write down the details of the dress (Designer/Maker, Style Name or Number and the best price that they will sell it to you for) and let them know that you want to sleep on it. Try to ignore them when they say the dress will be gone tomorrow, another bride already wants this dress etc etc etc. They are just trying to snare your cash. Leave the store. Once home with the details, get researching and calling. Don't be afraid to call other wedding stores and ask if they have or can get this dress into stock and the best price they can do on it. How many stores and where these stores are is up to you. I know of a bride who found another store three hours away that had her dress – that sounds insane until I tell you that store had her dress for $700 less than the original store! Well worth a short road trip!

  • Accept that wedding gowns aren't always sold as 'wedding gowns' – and getting used to that idea can save you thousands! I was shopping recently for an evening gown and came across the most incredible white ball gown that would make any bride proud. If I had seen this in a bridal store, you would expect the price tag to be $1500 - $3000. In this department store the tag price was $799. The savings can be even greater for those brides thinking about a slinky or straighter style dress. Amazingly detailed and sexy evening dresses quite often come up in white or light colors and even the most intricate can sell for thousands less than similar dresses (or exactly the same ones in some cases) in specialist bridal and wedding stores.
  • Seriously think about your stance on wearing a second-hand or hire gown. For some it is an immediate no, for the rest of us, the opportunity of saving thousands of dollars (quite often more than enough to pay for a honeymoon) on a dress we'll only ever wear once is a powerful motivator.
  • Get Online. I only recommend this after you have followed my hint about trying dresses on and knowing exactly what suits you and what you'd like. Stores like have a wide range of evening and formal wear that often some in white or ivory, almost all are under $200 – a recent search showed some great traditional as well as sleek gowns. You'll soon see has an enormous array of wedding dresses at ridiculous prices. Most of these are made by tailors in China (don't let that turn you off, most bridal store gowns are made in the same location!) according to measurements you give them after winning the auction. My word of warning on ebay gowns – the postage charges are usually very expensive and there can be quite a long delay while your gown is made for you. Make sure you read the auction page carefully and always read a lot of the seller's feedback history to see what other buyers have thought of their gowns once they received them. This is a slight gamble, but in my experience, brides who have done their research before winning the gown, and accepted that the gown may need minor alterations to make it a perfect fit once it arrives (usually costs less than $100) have found amazing bargains this way.

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