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It's hard to remember in the sea of 'must haves' that accompany weddings these days but having bridesmaids is not actually a 'must have'! Feel free to say that you aren't having a group of bridesmaids standing at the altar with you but that you will want your friends around you when you shop for dresses, get ready etc. It sounds terrible, but lots of women will love being 'let off the hook'. They get the joy of helping you and being with you as you prepare for your wedding, but don't have to worry about standing up in front of a crowd, wearing a dress that they don't love or any of the other things that can make being a bridesmaid less than fun.

If you do have bridesmaids, treat them kindly! Don't force them to wear something that you love if they really hate it! Most bridesmaids these days are happy to pay for their own dresses to help you out (like the groomsmen, make it clear that purchasing their dresses is their gift to you) so how about letting them have a say in what style and color they wear?

A great tip is to let the maids choose their own styles of gown in their price range in the same color or complementing colors, ideally from the same maker or store to ensure the colors match properly. Everyone will co-ordinate perfectly and it eliminates the hassles of maids that can't afford, don't fit into or just don't like a dress that fits or suits a different bridesmaid.

My top 5 tips for dressing bridesmaids;

  1. If you have a smaller number of bridesmaids, you should start looking in department stores rather than wedding stores. Any larger department store will likely have enough gowns on the rack in your maids sizes for far less than the wedding stores will charge.
  2. Always ask for group discounts, even if they aren't offered to you up front. Sara saved her bridesmaids 15% each just by asking the clerk for the best discount she could offer!
  3. Prom and party dresses are ideal for bridesmaids. Shop in either pre-pre prom season or immediately post prom to pick up some serious bargains. It's common to see dresses that were $150 on a rack for $40 or less! Again, this works best if you have a smaller number of bridesmaids.
  4. Encourage your bridesmaids to choose a style of dress that could be worn again to formal dinners, dances and similar. A $100 dress is far better buy if it can be worn more than once.
  5. Keep in mind that simple dresses are often more affordable than detailed sexy ones. Budget aside, your bridesmaids aren't there to be sexy, they should be a classy complement to you!


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