• Make your own! Bridal tulle is one of the cheapest fabrics you can buy and there are dozens of sites offering instructions on the Internet. Veils are one of the most marked-up items you can purchase! I’ve made veils for less than $15 and seen identical ones (usually made by employees of the bridal store) with tags of $80-$100 in their ‘affordable’ range!
  • Veils can be rented.
  • Wear your Mom’s wedding veil. Even if her dress isn’t to your liking, chances are the veil is still appropriate. The only costs might be if it requires dry cleaning or alteration for your height, and I’m sure that it would mean a lot to both of you.
  • For informal or non-religious ceremonies, it might be possible to go without a veil. Many brides are choosing hair decorations as a more modern look to a traditional veil.

Stockings, Lingerie, the Extras and the garter

  • If you are planning to throw a garter but would like to keep one as a momento, buy a ‘cheapie’ one to throw and keep the one you actually wore all day.
  • The garter is an old traditional that many brides feel is a bit outdated. You might want to skip this one all together!
  • Online stores and have amazing bargains on garters and stockings.
  • Buy basic stockings. While there are plenty of fancy silk or patterned wedding stockings around, this is one area on which you can easily save without anyone every knowing. I’m sure that the $40 difference between basic good quality stockings and fancy printed ones can be better spent elsewhere – like cocktails on your honeymoon!
  • Shop for your wedding lingerie in catalogs, online or during the sales. Keep an eye out for the clearance sales at Victoria’s Secret ( to request a catalog) for some great bargains.
  • If you have a fairly small bust or a structured dress, consider going without a bra. It’s one less line you have to worry about showing through, and it’s a good saving too.
  • How about having a bra sewn into your dress? Ask your seamstress about this if you are having any alterations done. It can give you a much smoother line under your gown and free up some money to be used elsewhere.
  • Completely skip the old extras like gloves and parasols unless they are needed for the theme of your wedding. A recent bride spent well over $200 on gloves and a parasol that never got worn and beaded hair clips that were hidden under her veil!


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